Zomchi Bamboo Razor – A perfect gift for your grooming routine

When winter holiday fast approaching you will be busy figuring out what special gifts to give your loved ones and friends. When you get stuck for a valuable gift for a man then you certainly should consider giving him a shaving kit. Certainly, this is something special which is only suitable if it is meant for anyone you are extremely close to – a boyfriend, husband, son, father, uncle, father, grandfather, or even a brother. What you can be certain is that such a gift will be their favorite item for grooming tasks.

You will need to understand the male’s preferences with regards to the razors prior to you purchase one for him. Most men prefer electric razors as they are highly efficient. But, other men choose bamboo safety razors as they are identical with the old-fashioned manual razors.

The advantage of giving bamboo safety razor for every special moment is proven to be the best option than just presenting any other gifts. This shaving kit is simply worthwhile and can be used for daily grooming routine. Your family and friends may also use this product without hassles.

Body grooming is a part of man’s routine every morning; and for women as well. Imagine that your shaver gift can be used every day, at most, since this is a vital item that your family and friends can use for daily health routines.

Zomchi bamboo safety razor offers the Maximum shaving experience by lifting and removing the hair follicles making it possible for the users to get the best experience with the closest and cleanest shave possible. With its unique texture bamboo grip, this bamboo razor offers a solid comfortable grip, enabling you to shave with excellent control and perfect precision and double edge blades offers a smooth and clean shave around your facial skin.

I found Zomchi bamboo safety razor at Amazon. I bought this razor as a more eco friendly solution to the non-reusable plastic razors. In addition, the bamboo grip is also not easy to crack, highly recommended. Nearly every time I would go to use a non-reusable razor it was easily clogged as it had rust. This safety razor is clean, virtually no rust and same double edge blade still working well. Most men can use this double edged bamboo razor blade for four to six shaves. As these blades are usually replaced in about a week or so, you don’t need to be anxious about special storage issues. Most razor blades will not easily rust these days as they are made of stainless steel with rust-resistant coatings.

It is also a good shaving kit for beginners. This bamboo razor has a really elegant design wrapped with 100 % bamboo for handle. The razor is nicely balanced and a simple mechanical design. Loading and unloading the razor is also easy. You just need to unscrew the head from the grip, take the top part off and put a razor in the bottom part and then screw tightly the head into the grip.

I have used Zomchi bamboo safety razors for a long, such a razor felt heavy at the beginning; but a few strokes I was satisfied. The shave also was very clean and smooth which has no tugging at those whiskers. At the start, I was questioning if I was actually cutting any whiskers.

Really, It gives me a cleaner and smoother shave than other razors available in the market. The handle is easy to maneuver and comfortable. The razor blades are easy to replace and can last longer than non-reusable razors.
Zomchi focuses on elegance, style, simplicity, and top quality craftsmanship that also care of the environment with its grooming and shaving products.

This can be an eco-friendly way of fulfilling daily grooming needs as it does not use plastic for its material. The shave is really smooth and even a person that has sensitive skin may also use this bamboo safety razor without any problems.

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