What music should you have for your wedding?

Weddings are among the most special events in a person’s life. Planning for it can be daunting a task because of the countless choices. The Wedding live band has become a wide favorite in the recent years. They provide not just the usual wedding music; they are a great form of entertainment as well. Having a popular wedding music band Singapore is a great way to jack up your guests into their party mode, which could make the reception extend for a couple more hours.

So today’s question: What music should you have as your wedding music? I want you to forget that there’s such a thing as wedding music. It doesn’t exist. We’ve got this idea built into our heads that wedding music, whatever that is, is classical music, or “Here Comes the Bride”, or whatever the latest love song is that everyone’s talking about.

I want you to forget that idea. I want you to return to your music. What’s the music that your granddad used to sing to you when you were a kid? What songs did you and your mates used to make up dance routines to when you were at school? What tunes does you and your mates go clubbing’ to when you’re at university? What’s the song you and you partner fell in love to? What song do you stick on the radio first thing when you’re going on a long drive with you and your other half?

That’s your music. That’s the music that means something to you. Forget this idea that we can only have certain kinds of music at weddings. You can’t. You can have anything you like and we can reinterpret it in lots of different ways, and represent it in lots of different ways and we can talk about that. But let’s start with, what is your music? And that should be your wedding music.

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