Week 20 of Pregnancy

You’re halfway through your pregnancy. And your baby’s sensory development is in overdrive. Right now his brain is designating areas for taste, smell, vision, and hearing. And some research suggests he can actually hear your voice now. So thank him for all those extra hormones that are making your hair grow thicker and faster. It looks so cute in a topknot now. Which is kind of perfect because that’s how big baby is at week 20.

Being pregnant comes with a lot of uncomfortable side effects. But, there are some that are pretty positive ones too. For most women, sex is better, at least for part of the pregnancy thanks to an increased blood flow to the pelvic area. You pick up a lot of healthy habits and drop the unhealthy ones. You don’t have to deal with your period or menstrual cramps. Your cancer risk is reduced. Your senses are heightened.

Which, once you get over your morning sickness can make food taste really good. And your self-confidence soars ’cause you’re making a human and that’s pretty incredible. Go, momma. Why should you take a childbirth class? It can be a good way to get comfortable with the mechanics of delivery. Here are some tips on finding the right class for you. Ask your OB, midwife, or experienced friends for recommendations.

Look into classes offered at your doctor’s office or local YMCA or the easiest way to find a class is through the hospital or birthing center you’ll be using. And plan to complete the course about two or three weeks before your due date. You are one smart cookie.

People love to give pregnant women advice, even when they don’t ask for it. Here is your daily dose of unsolicited advice. Keep your cat.

A lot of people have opinions about cats and babies. And they’re all wrong. Just be mindful about their interactions, the same way you would with any pet. And tell your partner to clean the litter box. There’s a lot of stuff you’re expected to give up when you’re expecting, the miracle of life and birth. Ooh, I’m getting nervous for the birth.

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