Shoelaces – Elastic No Tie Shoelaces

Running is a popular activity among many exercise lovers. Choosing the best footwear to do this exercise, however, is extremely important to your experience. The way you lace your footwear may also have an effect on how well you run. No tie shoelaces offer convenient for securing your sneakers.

The type of sneakers you wear for your running workouts is not the only item which must be considered. Your shoelaces will also have an impact on how conveniently the footwear can fit. Even if conventional laces offer an effective method of securing your footwear, they are not at all times suitable for sporting activities. Finding a solution to secure your running shoes that makes your feet more comfortable is important. Elastic no tie shoelaces offer a practical solution for your workout needs. These laces are made of elastic bands which are secured by using aglets on each end.

Due to the innovative design offered by QLaces, you can fit your sneakers based on your specific needs. Traditional laces are made of a set of strings which are threaded through the eyelets of your shoes. However, no tie laces feature elastic bands which can be independently adjusted to attain a specific fit. For that reason you can easily tighten the elastic bands at the bottom of your running shoes, for example, while allowing the top end loose when you need a flexible fit.

QLaces are not just suitable for runners; they are also good for kindergarten kids that cannot tie their own shoelaces. Also they are favorite among amputees, cyclists, and autistic children, seniors suffering from arthritis, and others with special needs.

QLaces are made of premium quality elastic nylon or polyester and protected with a metal ring to produce the perfect elasticity for an comfortable and adjustable fit with stylish design.

All QLaces are one size which can fits all shoes. The flexibility enables the no-tie laces to fit feet of kids and adults.

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