Pure Cosmetics – Why Not Try ?

Did you know that you weigh more immediately after a bath? That’s because your skin is like a sponge and absorbs some of the water it comes into contact with. The same thing happens with cosmetics that you apply – some amount gets absorbed into the skin. Unlike the water which quickly passes out of the system, some of the elements in makeup remain in the body for a long time.

Most make up is made up of various chemicals and artificial compounds. While they are tested to be harmless, the fact remains that some portion of the chemicals is absorbed into the body and over time can contribute to the levels of toxicity in the system. Your body already has enough toxins to deal with, why add more and put more strain on the metabolism? Also while individual cosmetic are tested to be safe, you are probably using various make up items and the result is mixtures of chemicals with unknown effects entering the body.

Pure cosmetics do not use chemicals. Pure cosmetics get their name because they use only natural ingredients. Current research shows that even if the body does absorb these elements, they are by and large harmless and do not raise the toxic levels. In fact, some of them can even be beneficial.

The use of pure cosmetics is a growing trend and the range of products available is wide enough to be able to replace all types of makeup using artificial ingredients. Pure cosmetics are as effective as traditional ones in their effect and its time you thought of trying them out for your body’s sake.

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