Green Cosmetics for Your Beauty Routine

    Green. Renewable energy. This is a term we hear more and more often. Our planet is showing signs of reaching capacity in both resources and space. Landfill be full minutes, and limited resources are being depleted with every tank of petrol spent. Although we may not exactly be in immediate danger of running out of valuable resources, their children or grandchildren may be facing a difficult prospect may run out of some things that we take for granted today.


    Beauty Essentials for Winter

    Since my change in lifestyle resulting from my treatment I have been getting a lot of compliments on the condition of my skin – ‘positively glowing’ has been mentioned once or twice. It’s probably down to a huge reduction in my wine consumption but, I believe it’s more than that, so I want to share with you my latest beauty finds that have helped the transformation this winter time.


    Christmas Shopping Close-Outs

    Now is the perfect time to stock up on Christmas items for 2020.  This week I shopped at a few stores and couldn’t believe the amount of sales that were going on after Christmas.  One of my trips was to Target and their Christmas items were 75% off.  Most of everything had been gone through but I was able to pickup a few items.  They did have quite a few Christmas trees left so if you’re looking to replace your Christmas tree, you can get one for 75% off.  I think in the next week or so you should see the items marked down to 90%.


    A true frugalite

    As a true frugalite, I am constantly trying to figure out how to save on every aspect in life. Using coupons, second hand clothes, used furniture, the list goes on and on. Even though we are not below the poverty line, we are not in the upper class. We are the typical American family, making right at the average for the middle class. I know that we are blessed to be so fortunate, especially in our chosen careers, not jobs that we have to drag ourselves out of bed to go to.