How to look good in a bikini

We know that not all of us are going to be able to really get our bodies the way we want them before hitting the beach this summer – but don’t panic. Funky Female has put together some top tips for on how to look good in a bikini and ensure you look like a goddess on the beach this summer!

Suits you!

You can make sure you look good in a bikini this summer by selecting the most flattering for your shape. Select a beach outfit that highlights your best feature and at the same time minimises those you are less comfortable. If you are worried about showing the world your stomach, stick to tankini top as this will work to hide your tummy – you can also try a Lycra-spandex blend swimsuit as this will again flatten the stomach. For those petite ladies, try a bikini or swimsuit with high legs to give the illusion of length.


You can also ensure you look great in a bikini this summer by taking the focus away from your body with selecting some hot accessories. Grab a pair of cute flip-flops, sexy sunnies as well as a gorgeous handbag to dress up your beach wear this summer – don’t forget heels will elongate your body, so opt for high flip-flops or wedges if you are short.

Cover up – but still look gorgeous!

If you are really worried about your bikini body, there are plenty of ways you can cover up those bits you’d rather not show! If you want to try and hide your legs or thighs, opt for a sarong to cover them up – remember dark and solid colours will be more flattering here too. Alternatively, you can cover up thighs and even the tummy with a stunning floral kaftan too.

It’s the little things…

Ooze confidence and look great in your bikini this summer by ensuring you pay attention to the little things. Painted nails on the hands and feet can really finish off your look as well as neatly shaped eyebrows. A touch of lip gloss will also go a long way to boost your confidence in your bikini this summer.

Don’t forget to ensure you are well groomed as well by waxing in all the right areas – that bikini wax is one of the most important!

If in doubt…fake it!

Pale skin isn’t the most flattering and won’t make you look good in your bikini – also burnt skins adds inches to the thighs while also adding the years to your skin too. Fake tan can work wonders and ensure you have a base tan before you go away – making you look even more of a goddess on the beach! Don’t forget though, most fake tans don’t provide sun protection as well, so make sure you cover up and protect your skin.

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