Fight Aging with Exercise

Everyone knows that that exercise helps us burn calories and fat and reduces the chances of developing heart disease and obesity.  But recently there has been evidence to suggest that exercise can enhance your mental health and leave you thinking more clearly and leaving you feeling happier and less stressed.  After exercise, a large percentage of people often report a heightened feeling of well being.

Increases Brain Power – Experts believe that the changes that take place in your body when you exercise actually encourage quicker physical and mental reactions.  When we exercise regularly an improvement in reaction time, concentration, creativity and mental vigour is created.

Helps Fight Aging – It has been suggested that a gentle work out at any age can prevent a mental slowdown.  So no matter what your age, take the time to get your heart pumping

Exercise and Stress – Exercise can greatly decrease your stress levels, by concentrating on the particular exercise at the time it is hard to get side tracked by the other stresses in your life.  As well as helping you to forget about the huge ‘to do’ list you have planned, exercise actually increases your cardiovascular fitness, which in the long run will help you overcome overreacting to problems quicker. So choose rhythmic, repetitive aerobic activities to concentrate on.

That Natural High – Working out, no matter at what intensity, can boost your levels of feel good chemicals in the brain.  Adrenaline, serotonin, dopamine and endorphins the bodies natural painkillers are released into your system.

Self Esteem? – Exercise can greatly aid your self esteem, it stands to reason that getting stronger and leaner can only have a positive impact on ones self.  Don’t forget though, there is a fine line between achieving a healthy body image and improving your fitness levels and not looking like some wafer thin model on the cover of a magazine!

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