Christmas Shopping Close-Outs

Now is the perfect time to stock up on Christmas items for 2020.  This week I shopped at a few stores and couldn’t believe the amount of sales that were going on after Christmas.  One of my trips was to Target and their Christmas items were 75% off.  Most of everything had been gone through but I was able to pickup a few items.  They did have quite a few Christmas trees left so if you’re looking to replace your Christmas tree, you can get one for 75% off.  I think in the next week or so you should see the items marked down to 90%.

I got these bags and name tags for .20 each.

And I also got these cute stocking holders for about $2.00 each.  They look like deer and seeing I’m The Hunter’s Wife and my life is all about deer, these would look cute on my wood chest I have in my living room. I also got this door hanger for $1.00.

So now I’m a little stocked up for next Christmas.  I still have a ton of wrapping paper I got a few years ago on clearance at 90% off.

Also, Walgreens and CVS are two other great stores to find marked down Christmas items at this time.  It is well worth stocking up for next season.

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