7 French beauty tips for active mom

    Being an active mom is not as easy as it sounds, you are always on-the-go; from being worried about your child’s timely meals to trying to scoop out some time for yourself from the hectic schedule, it all adds up to create a whizzing whirlpool. But, what if we told you that you can create a streamlined balance between your role as a mother and an individual by looking and most importantly, feeling fresh through the day?


    Pure Cosmetics – Why Not Try ?

    Did you know that you weigh more immediately after a bath? That’s because your skin is like a sponge and absorbs some of the water it comes into contact with. The same thing happens with cosmetics that you apply – some amount gets absorbed into the skin. Unlike the water which quickly passes out of the system, some of the elements in makeup remain in the body for a long time.


    Green Cosmetics for Your Beauty Routine

    Green. Renewable energy. This is a term we hear more and more often. Our planet is showing signs of reaching capacity in both resources and space. Landfill be full minutes, and limited resources are being depleted with every tank of petrol spent. Although we may not exactly be in immediate danger of running out of valuable resources, their children or grandchildren may be facing a difficult prospect may run out of some things that we take for granted today.


    Beauty Essentials for Winter

    Since my change in lifestyle resulting from my treatment I have been getting a lot of compliments on the condition of my skin – ‘positively glowing’ has been mentioned once or twice. It’s probably down to a huge reduction in my wine consumption but, I believe it’s more than that, so I want to share with you my latest beauty finds that have helped the transformation this winter time.


    Cheap and Quality Mascara for my Eyelash Extensions

    I’m back to share with you with more information on maintaining your eyelash extensions. I’ve told you about many things that you have to avoid using with your eyelash extensions but I actually have something today that you can use. It’s called Ardell Lash Magic Blending Mascara. It’s actually a mascara that’s especially for lash wearers. It’s a blending mascara that will actually blend the artificial lashes in with the natural lashes without adding any thickening or lengthening.