Your Feet Deserve A Pair Of Reef Sandals

    Whether you’re at the beach, down at the market, or out on a stroll, you want your feet to be as comfortable as possible, and so it’s no coincidence that you’ve outfitted yourself in the best casual lifestyle footwear available–Reef sandals. It’s simple to dress the way you want when you can easily order your Reef sandals online through active-sandals.com, a leading online supplier of quality active footwear.


    Red lips and double winged eyeliner

    I have been obsessing over the double winged eyeliner lately. I just think its gorgeous at the way it can frame your eyes and give this lifted and elongated eye effect, which looks flattering on almost every one.Now in this look, I loved how a basic red lip would complement the double wing so much, it still takes some attention to the lips but balances out the drama on the eyes and makes everything complement each other.


    How to look good in a bikini

    We know that not all of us are going to be able to really get our bodies the way we want them before hitting the beach this summer – but don’t panic. Funky Female has put together some top tips for on how to look good in a bikini and ensure you look like a goddess on the beach this summer!


    Fight Aging with Exercise

    Everyone knows that that exercise helps us burn calories and fat and reduces the chances of developing heart disease and obesity.  But recently there has been evidence to suggest that exercise can enhance your mental health and leave you thinking more clearly and leaving you feeling happier and less stressed.  After exercise, a large percentage of people often report a heightened feeling of well being.


    Dry Skin

    One of the things I love about my skin is that I do not encounter a lot of breakouts compared to the rest of my friends when we were still in high school. I have dry skin, so it was never a problem to keep my face clear and free from blemishes. I was one of those who did not even have to wear any makeup on because there was nothing much to cover.