Curly Hair Care – OGX shampoo and Conditioner Review

    Today I am trying to review OGX. This brand is sulfate-free, most of their things do contain silicones, but I managed to find this shampoo, conditioner and leave-in conditioner that is silicone free. If you’d like to try these products I’ll leave links for you in the comment box. My hair is really jacked up, so let’s see how these products work Also thumbs up for this hideous shirt my sister got me for Christmas.


    Cheap and Quality Mascara for my Eyelash Extensions

    I’m back to share with you with more information on maintaining your eyelash extensions. I’ve told you about many things that you have to avoid using with your eyelash extensions but I actually have something today that you can use. It’s called Ardell Lash Magic Blending Mascara. It’s actually a mascara that’s especially for lash wearers. It’s a blending mascara that will actually blend the artificial lashes in with the natural lashes without adding any thickening or lengthening.


    Wardrobe for Men – Fit for Pants

    In this article, I am going to talk about the proper fit of a suit pant. When you buy a suit of course you always need to look at the jacket, but you do not need to over-look the pants you need to focus on the pants, what kind of pants you have on that fit you. When you’re looking at pants first of all let me tell you there are two types of hem lines with pants, there’s a straight leg and there’s also a cuffed leg.


    Tips to finding a wedding photographer

    Actually a bride must plan her wedding a year in advance, same like wedding photographers that should be booked up as much as a year in advance. So the very first step in planning your wedding is to locate a professional photographer at the same time when you are selecting a wedding venue. Soon after you have found the ideal venue and also the photographer then you can certainly determine a date when they are available.


    What to Look for in Plus Size Bra

    Finding the right bra is difficult for most women. As every woman differs from the others, each woman has unique shape and size, choosing the best bra is a big task. Looking for the right bra is more difficult when you are obese. Plus size bra must both be comfortable and supportive, and must not be unflattering and restrictive.

    Today, Plus size women are lucky as the marketplace is filled with plus size bra saying they will provide comfort and support in the chest area. Such plus size bra also comes in beautiful designs and multiple colors!